2019 Firefox Charity Run in Taipei

Run for Internet Health!

When you care about your body health, what about your digital health? Today, our online space encumbered by three hazards: high privacy risks, server data monopoly, and rampant misleading information. But, most of internet users are lack awareness and action required for overcoming the hazards.

The future of the Internet is yours to defend. Mozilla call on all online users to be cautious, aware the risks and proactively take actions to protect your privacy and your online health. We will hold the 2019 Firefox Charity Run on December 8th, 2019, inviting the public to join the run to challenge themselves to improve health and increase their understanding of internet health issues. Together, we can build a healthier, more accessible internet.

Awareness x Action, Which Type of Internet User You Are?

Four types of online users have been classified based on their awareness and action in the face of internet privacy risks, data monopoly, and inaccurate information.
[Highly Aware x Active]
Internet health role model. The intelligent Dolphin is a highly capable learner who is ready to act!

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[Highly Aware x Inactive]
All set, awaiting action. The Giraffe knows the online hazards, but always a step too slow in its reaction to threats.

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[Unaware x Active]
The Parrot just follows whatever people say and suggest without understanding the purpose behind it.

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[Unaware x Inactive]
The life philosophy of the Sloth would be that it “can’t be bothered”! And acts on what is convenient.

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Special thanks to partners for the great support of Firefox Charity Run Taipei.